Here are a few things to know before you get your child an eyeglass

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During the summer vacation, many parents take their children to have their eyesight checked and childrens glasses fitted. The choice of glasses is learned, choose the right, you can have a pair of parents satisfied, children like glasses.

During the summer vacation, many parents take their children to have their eyesight checked and childrens glasses fitted. The choice of glasses is learned, choose the right, you can have a pair of parents satisfied, children like glasses.


If the color is what the child wants for themselves, then they will actively wear glasses. The appearance of the frame should be suitable for the child, especially the frame should be suitable for the child's face shape, but more importantly, it is comfortable to wear. Because children are more active, it is best to wear the end of the glasses leg into the elastic or mirror rope, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of slipping behind the ear or pressing the bridge of the nose during the wearing of the mirror frame. This is especially important for preschoolers.


There are other important details that parents should pay attention to when choosing glasses for their children.



The frames should not be too big or too small, and the glasses should not restrict the child's freedom of movement. The size depends on the size of the eye socket and the distance between the child's eyes. Similarly, the glasses should not be pressed against the child's cheeks to avoid indentation and discomfort. Also, don't go higher than your eyebrows or wider than your cheeks. At the same time, the size of the glasses needs to adapt to the shape of the face, so that the child has a clear vision in all directions. It is not recommended to buy glasses a size larger so that your child can still wear them when they grow up.


Material selection

The material used in the frame should conform to the active nature of the child, that is, the material should be strong, durable, fracture-proof, and lightweight. We suggest the following three:


  1. Silicone frame (for preschool children)

Advantages: It has certain softness, is not easy to deform, does not produce harmful substances, does not fade for long-term use, is basically non-toxic and tasteless, has excellent anti-skid performance, and has no adverse reaction in contact with the skin.


  1. Resin frame (for school age children)

Advantages: Lighter, lower nasal tobe, will not affect the development of children's nasal bridge. This kind of glasses frame is colorful and affordable, which is suitable for the frequent replacement of children's glasses during the development period.


  1. Pure titanium frame (for teenagers)

Some children's glasses can cause skin allergies, it is recommended that parents choose a frame made of pure titanium for their children.


Advantages: Not easy to fade and most skin types can adapt well. Coupled with an anti-allergy coating, the risk of allergic reactions can be minimized. When purchasing, make sure the glasses are labeled "100%TITANIUM" or "PURETITANIUM."


Numerical matching

Check the data of the glasses frame and check whether the distance between the eyes of the children's eyes and the optical center of the lens are consistent.


When processing, it is necessary to do the optical center shift of the lens according to the pupil distance of the child. The less the frames and lenses are shifted, the more comfortable they will be. At the same time, it also reminds everyone that we must go to the regular hospital to check the child's vision and optometry.


Children with high myopia are advised to choose glasses with slightly smaller frames. Because the lens is thick around the lens, in the case of ensuring good visual imaging, if you choose a slightly smaller frame, you can grind off the thick edge during processing and retain the thin central edge, so that the glasses are beautiful and not too heavy.

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