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Live Broadcasting and other Digital Technology
Window and Linux Server. We have expertise in more use full servers like window and linux for faster FTP, hosting,live broadcasting and web-casting services.
Websites and APS
The World has shrunk in to a global village. what ever one needs is there in his hands by mobile. You click a button and all product dealers are at your door. Not only material goods even darshans of Gods Devi Devtas and Religious places of all Religions can be viewed on mobiles and Internet. Even we can participate in Arties and Puja in famous Temples. The rituals of Churches, Mosques and Dargahs of muslim saints can be viewed on small screen of mobiles by our technical expertise.
Ads, Documentary, Short Films and TV Serials
We also produce and provide assistance in production of ads films, documentaries and TV serials. We have a professional and highly experienced team to meet any challenge.
Video and Audio Studio
We have our own audio video studio and Editing table for recording, daubing and video editing with 3D Animation effect.
MI Media is one of the so fastest growing companies in AUDIO VISUAL and WEB Industry. We have 16 year small but very hard work Experience. We believe the team, which is always ready to innovate. The Team leader at MI Media comprises of experts in business consulting, technology strategy, marketing and sales, with experience in diverse sectors. They bring with them sound knowledge of the related industry with focus on innovation and business results. We deal in provide direct and support Digital Divine, Entertainment, services, throw Satellite Video Rights, Broadcasting Web casting Mobile Telephone Cyber Space Rights. We have also own audio - video and web studios, which operated by the Professional Team.
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